Wild Game Processing

Cut and wrap on game is $1.10 per pound ($110 minimum per animal)

SAUSAGE AND SMOKED MEATS are also available. We make these products out of the animal you brought in for processing. Prices are based off the starting weight of the product we are making, not the finished weight.

Oktoberfest Sausage is $2.35 per pound, if we add 50% pork it is $3.50 per pound (on combined weight), if we add 50% beef it is $4.40 per pound (on combined weight)

Breakfast sausage (Regular Blend or Italian Blend) is $0.25 per pound for bulk, and $1.85 per pound for links. Special Blend Sausage (Sugar Free) is $0.35 per pound for bulk, and $1.95 per pound for links

Summer sausage is $2.15 per pound

Jerky is $4.00 per pound, Teriyaki Jerky is $4.00 per pound, Peppered Jerky is $4.25 per pound, Sweet 'N Spicy Jerky is $4.50 per pound

Pepperoni or Teriyaki Sticks are $4.10 per pound

Andouille is $2.35 per pound Chorizo is $0.60 per pound for bulk and $2.20 per pound for links

Bratwurst is $2.20 per pound

Make any sausage spicy for an additional $0.20 per pound

Prices are based on the starting weights of the product(s) being processed for sausage or curing/smoking, not the finished weight.