Mt. Angel Meat Co. was started on June 1st, 1908 and was incorporated on July 21st, 1970. The business was purchased by Mr. Eric Fietz from the Ebner family on August 1st, 1999 and he is the current owner of the company.

Eric's journey in the meat industry began when he was only 12 years old and he started cutting meat for his step-father, Joe Blain. Joe's experience and expertise stretches back to World War II, when Joe started cutting meat for the US Navy. After serving his time in the US Navy, Joe started processing meat out of his garage using an air conditioning unit for his cooling system. This is where Eric first started learning how to process meat, helping Joe with the family business. Joe eventually worked his way up from processing meat in his garage to opening his own custom meat shop, Blain's Sundown Meat, in the early 1980's. Joe ran and operated his meat shop, alongside with his wife Helen, for around 10 years before selling the business to one of his sons in the early 1990's.

Eric brought his knowledge and expertise to the company, and he also brought along Joe, who quickly became a respected part of the Mt. Angel Meat Co. work team. Joe shared the same knowledge and skill with this fellow employees that he did throughout the years with Eric. Joe cut meat for the company for 13 years until he finally decided to retire at the age of 88. The knowledge and skill that Eric brings to the business is something you don't learn in school, his knowledge and skill is one of a kind, coming from the tradition and pride that was passed down by Joe, and to this day is still being passed down by Eric to his son Glenn, and his fellow employees.

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