Retail Meat Processing

We provide retail meat processing for people wanting to get animals processed for home consumption, and would like us to provide the animal. Each animal is purchased locally and each animal is inspected by our USDA inspector during harvest in order to insure that it is safe for your consumption. From beef, hogs, sheep, and goats, we provide a quality service for you and your family. We go step by step through our cutting instructions with you to make sure you know all the possible cuts available. This way you only get the cuts that you and your family want. With the retail processing option, the meat is not labeled for resale and should only be for consumption at home and not sold or served to the public. Orders may take up to 1 month or more for processing and may require a deposit. Please email or call to place an order or for details. Once ordered you will be placed on a waiting list until the product becomes available.

We take pride in buying all our animals locally and providing a quality product for our customers at a reasonable price. Drive a little, save alot.


HARVEST (SLAUGHTER) no cost. Animals are only accepted by appointmment.

PACKAGING prices vary depending on what you are looking for. For a whole, half, or front quarter of beef, the price starts at $5.00 per pound. A hind quarter of beef starts at $5.50 per pound. A whole or half of a hog starts at $3.99 per pound. These prices are based on the hanging weight of the animal, not the finished weight. Each package is paper wrapped and clearly marked with the contents of the package. After wrapping, the product is boxed then put in our freezer. Please contact us for pricing on lamb and goat.

SAUSAGE AND SMOKED MEATS are also available. We make these products out of the animal you bought. Prices are based off the starting weight of the product we are making, not the finished weight.

Curing and smoking of ham and bacon is $1.99 per pound, $0.30 per pound to add pepper to bacon, $0.30 per pound for slicing (Based off of the green weight)

Oktoberfest Sausage is $2.55 per pound.

Breakfast sausage (Regular Blend or Italian Blend) is $0.50 per pound for bulk, and $2.10 per pound for links. Special Blend Sausage (Sugar Free) is $0.95 per pound for bulk, and $2.55 per pound for links

Summer sausage is $2.35 per pound

Jerky is $4.20 per pound, Teriyaki Jerky is $4.20 per pound, Peppered Jerky is $4.50 per pound, Sweet 'N Spicy Jerky is $4.70 per pound

Pepperoni or Teriyaki Sticks are $4.30 per pound

Andouille is $2.55 per pound

Chorizo is $1.55 per pound for bulk and $3.15 per pound for links

Bratwurst is $2.40 per pound

Make any sausage spicy for an additional $0.30 per pound

Prices are based on the starting weights of the product(s) being processed for sausage or curing/smoking, not the finished weights.

Processing Time

Average processing time for a beef is 2-3 weeks from time of harvest, based on a 2 week dry age hanging time. Average processing time for a hog/sheep/goat is 1-2 weeks from time of harvest, based on a one week hanging time. Add another 1-2 weeks for processing if having any sausage or smoking/curing done. Processing may take longer during busier parts of the year. If ordering the animal from us, wait times before we have the product available may be longer.